[125], Since 1970, the rules of the contest outline how to determine the winning country in cases where two or more countries have the same number of points at the end of the voting. [28], The contest is invariably compered by one or more presenters, who welcome viewers to the show and guide the voting process. Eurovision Song Contest hätte vom 12. bis 16. Am 10. August 2020 um 12:56 Uhr bearbeitet. The American Song Contest will debut in late 2021", "Examining Collusion and Voting Biases Between Countries During the Eurovision Song Contest Since 1957", "Preference and neglect amongst countries in the Eurovision Song Contest", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Eurovision_Song_Contest&oldid=994681402, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2019, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2020, Articles tagged with the inline citation overkill template from November 2020, All articles that may contain original research, Articles that may contain original research from November 2020, Articles needing additional references from November 2020, All articles needing additional references, Articles needing cleanup from November 2020, Articles with sections that need to be turned into prose from November 2020, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz series identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SELIBR identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 December 2020, at 00:01. Damit sagte die Band ihre Auftritte in Amsterdam sowie London ab und bestätigte, dass auch sie ihre Video-Postkarte in den Niederlanden nicht filmen werde. [47] Es stellte sich heraus, dass Ben Dolic Deutschland mit seinem Song Violent Thing vertritt. Februar 2020 gab der NDR bekannt, dass erste Informationen zur deutschen Teilnahme am 10. [57][68][146], As of 2020[update], on only one occasion since 1969 has there been a tie for first place: in 1991, at the end of the voting procedure both Sweden and France had received 146 points each. Schließlich fand Israel Calling 2019 nicht statt, da Israel bereits das Gastgeberland des Contests war. In recent years, bid processes have become a common occurrence, with a number of cities in the host country applying to host the contest. [60][140] With the introduction of semi-finals in 2004, a new system to determine the order of voting was required to account for the countries which failed to qualify for the final: in 2004, the countries were called upon in alphabetical order according to their two-letter ISO country codes;[141] and in 2005, the votes of the non-qualifying semi-finalists were announced first, in the order in which they performed in the semi-final, followed by the finalist countries in the order in which they performed in the final. [94] The contest organisers' subsequently penalised Croatia by docking their score at that year's contest by 33% for the purposes of calculating their five-year points average for use in determining which countries would be relegated in future contests. [104], Am 20. [93] Previously songs were not allowed to be released commercially in any other country than that which it represented until after the grand final, however this criteria is no longer in place, and with the advancement in technology and the growth of internet streaming, songs are regularly published online and released globally, and are promoted via the Eurovision official website and social media platforms. Zehn Länder hätten sich für das Finale qualifiziert. [104] Following this, a new language rule was introduced for the 1966 contest for all competing countries, preventing entries from being performed in any language other than in one of the country's officially recognised national languages. [14][13] From 2004, the contest expanded to become a multi-programme event, when the 49th contest featured the introduction of a semi-final, which allowed all interested countries to compete in the contest each year; a second semi-final was eventually added in 2008. [296][297], Voting patterns in the contest have been reported by news publishers, including The Economist and BBC News. Bis zum 31. Jump to navigation Jump to search. In this event, a combined national televoting and jury result is calculated for each country, and the winner is the song which has obtained points from the highest number of countries. Januar 2020 um 16:11 Uhr (MEZ) in Form einer Zeremonie im Rathaus von Rotterdam statt. [171][172] 1996 marked the only use of the audio-only qualifying round, and for the 1997 contest a similar relegation system to the one used between 1993 and 1995 was brought in, based upon each country's average scores in the preceding five contests as a measure against which countries would be relegated. [36][37], As national broadcasters join and leave the Eurovision feed transmitted by the EBU, the EBU/Eurovision network logo ident (not to be confused with the logo of the song contest itself) is displayed. In 1979 these objections were largely ignored and preparations for the contest were held mostly unchanged from standard, however Turkey was pressured into withdrawing from the contest by Arab states who objected to a predominantly Muslim country taking part in Israel. Durch den Entfall der drei Liveübertragungen entstanden bei vielen Fernsehsendern Programmlücken. Petar Aničić is a Serbian singer who was chosen to represent his home country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Warsaw with the song "Heartbeat ". [257][258][259], Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light was a live television programme held on 16 May 2020, organised by the EBU and produced by the Dutch broadcasters NOS, NPO and AVROTROS. [200] "Save Your Kisses for Me", the winning song at the 1976 contest for the United Kingdom's Brotherhood of Man, is one of the contest's most successful winners, selling over six millions singles, more than any other winning song in the history of the contest. ", "Milestone Moments: 1969 – The Four-Way Tie", "Exclusive: These are the judges who will vote in Eurovision 2019! Die Reihenfolge der Lieder entspricht der Reihenfolge, wie die Lieder bei den beiden Teilen des Livestreams Eurovision Song Celebration 2020 abgespielt worden waren. The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 was the 61st edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. September 2019 um 12:00 Uhr waren Songwriter, Produzenten, Künstler und Texter dazu aufgerufen, Beiträge bei SRF einzureichen. [7][22] No competitive event was able to take place due to the uncertainty caused by the spread of the virus in Europe and the various restrictions imposed by the governments of the participating countries. Initially a one-off participant to commemorate the contest's 60th anniversary; has since gained participation rights until 2023. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was the 18th edition of the annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest, organised by Telewizja Polska and the European Broadcasting Union. Die Reihenfolge entspricht der Startreihenfolge der Lieder beim Livestream Eurovision Song Celebration 2020 - Part 1, der am 12. [7][48] The smallest contest host is Green Glens Arena in Millstreet, County Cork, Ireland with a population of only 1,500 at the time of the contest; the venue for the 1993 contest is however capable of hosting up to 8,000 spectators. [102] Am 10. [50] Sein Lied Alive wurde am 5. I am too, "Dutch Eurovision contestant Duncan Laurence comes out as bisexual", "I Am A Lesbian! [127][128], Historically, each country's points were determined by a jury, which has at times consisted of members of the public, music professionals, or both in combination. [330][331][332], Israel's participation in the contest means that many Arab states that are eligible to participate in the contest choose not to do so, however a number of attempts have been made by some of the countries to enter. Welcome to Song Contest Fandom!The purpose of this Fandom is to act like a database for information about online song contests.The song contest community gathers at the Song Contest Forums.On this Fandom you will be able to find out more about different contests and their national selections. Mai 2003 in der lettischen Hauptstadt Riga statt. [2][3][4] Following this summer season of programmes, an EBU committee, headed by Marcel Bezençon, was formed in January 1955 to investigate new initiatives for cooperation between broadcasters; this committee approved for further study a European song competition, from an idea initially proposed by Sergio Pugliese. [298][299][300] Criticism of the voting system was at its highest in the mid-2000s, and the apparent voting biases resulted in a number of calls for countries to boycott the contest, particularly following the 2007 contest where Eastern European countries occupied the top 15 places in the final and dominated the qualifying spaces. Am 6. Rotterdam skulle i utgangspunktet ha arrangert konkurransen i 2020, … ", "Eurovision 2013: Semi-Final running order revealed", "Portugal and 'Big Five' rehearse for the second time", "How is the Running Order being decided? [272] Although many of the competing acts each year will fall into some of the categories above, the contest has seen a diverse range of musical styles in its history, including heavy metal, jazz, country, electronic, R&B and hip hop.[273][274][275]. [127] National juries and the public in each country are not allowed to vote for their own country, a rule first introduced in 1957. The bottom seven countries in 1993 were asked to miss out the following year, however as Italy and Luxembourg withdrew voluntarily, only the bottom five countries eventually missed the 1994 contest in Dublin, to be replaced by the four competing countries in Kvalifikacija za Millstreet that had missed out and new entries from Lithuania, Poland and Russia. However Germany would be one of the seven countries to miss out, alongside Hungary, Romania, Russia, Denmark, Israel, and Macedonia, in what would have been their debut entry in the contest. The scoreboard was first introduced in 1957; voting at the first contest was held behind closed doors, but taking inspiration from the UK's Festival of British Popular Songs which featured voting by regional juries, the EBU decided to incorporate this idea into its own contest. Das offizielle Motto der Veranstaltung 2011 lautete Feel Your Heart Beat! The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 was the 58th Eurovision Song Contest since 1956. April 2020 hingegen sollten die Interpreten des Song Contests 2020 auftreten. [13][195], The majority of the winning songs have been performed at the contest in English, particularly since the language rule was abolished in 1999. Organizzazione. Both France and Sweden had received four sets of 12 points, however as Sweden had received more individual 10 points than France, Sweden's Carola was declared the winner. [129][100] This was subsequently changed again in 2001, back to the same system used between 1993 and 1995 where only the results from that year's contest would count towards relegation. To reduce this number, the contest organisers implemented a preselection method for the first time, to reduce the number of entries that would compete at the main contest in Millstreet, Ireland. Die Auslosung der beiden Halbfinale fand am 28. Mai 2019 im Tel Aviv Convention Center in der israelischen Stadt Tel Aviv statt, nachdem Netta den Eurovision Song Contest 2018 im portugiesischen Lissabon mit dem Lied Toy für Israel gewonnen hatte. [374] Musicians perform pieces of classical music of their choice, usually accompanied by the local orchestra of the host broadcast but previously also solo or with piano accompaniment, and a jury panel of individuals from the world of classical music score the musicians based on technical accuracy, quality of sound, interpretation and performance. It was held in the seaside resort of Brighton on the south coast of the United Kingdom. [175][176], There is some debate around whether this status prejudices the countries' results in the contest, based on reported antipathy over their automatic qualification, as well as the potential disadvantage of having performed less time on the main stage because they have not had to compete in the semi-finals. However all of these criticisms were in vain and the contest went ahead as planned in Jerusalem. Kommentatoren im In- und Ausland sahen jedoch einen Zusammenhang mit der seit dem Amtsantritt von Viktor Orbán zunehmenden Homophobie.[39][40]. In der ersten Junihälfte erhielten alle interessierten Städte und Regionen ein Dokument der drei Rundfunksender mit den Austragungskriterien. Each jury member votes independently of the other members of the jury, and no discussion or deliberation about the vote between members is permitted. Organizzazione. Bis zur Absage der Party hatten folgende fünf Länder die Teilnahme bestätigt (Stand: 22. Eurovision Song Contest 2021 → The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was planned to be the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Through the competition the country's representative for the Own Eurovision Song Contest is decided. [13], On only one occasion has the contest seen multiple winners being declared in a single contest: in 1969, four countries finished the contest with an equal number of votes; with the lack of a rule in place at the time to break a tie for first place, all four countries were declared winners. Mai geplante Finale diente europaweit die Sendung Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light als Ersatz. [7][146], The United Kingdom holds the record for the number of second-place finishes, having come runner-up in the contest 15 times. [198][199] Celine Dion, the French Canadian singer who won for Switzerland in 1988 with "Ne partez pas sans moi", has sold more than 200 million records worldwide. [a][61][335][336] Most recently, Lebanon had signed up to compete in the 2005 contest, and had selected "Quand tout s'enfuit" as its debut entry, to be performed by Aline Lahoud. [149], Each country's professional jury, as well as the individual jury members, must meet a set criteria to be eligible, regarding professional background, and diversity in gender and age. Wie 2019 wird eine 20-köpfige internationale Jury sowie eine 100-köpfige Zuschauer-Jury einen Interpreten und dessen Beitrag auswählen. About; Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest Wiki, a site devoted to Europe's biggest televised non-sport event.Contributing is simple - just find an article that interests you and provide an edit or create your own and work away! This trophy is a handmade piece of sandblasted glass with painted details in the shape of a 1950s-style microphone, and was designed by Kjell Engman of Swedish-based Kosta Boda, who specialise in glass art. [9] This scoreboard was historically situated physically to the side of the stage and was updated manually as each country gave their votes; a graphical representation of this scoreboard was first introduced at the 1988 contest, which in recent contests is able to sort itself to place the country with the most votes at the top. März 2020) ihre Teilnahme bestätigt:[84], Auch 2020, trotz, dass der Wettbewerb bereits in den Niederlanden stattfindet, sollte dort eigentlich die bereits zwölfte Ausgabe des Eurovision In Concert stattfinden. Sie zogen sich aus finanziellen Gründen, sowie aufgrund von Erfolglosigkeit vom Wettbewerb zurück. [43] Presently competing entries may be performed in any language, be that natural or constructed, however the rules on the language(s) in which a country's entry may perform have varied over the course of the contest's history. The first dress rehearsal, held during the afternoon of the day before the live show, is open to the press. Each participating country submits an original song to be performed on live television and radio, transmitted to national broadcasters via the EBU's Eurovision and Euroradio networks, with competing countries then casting votes for the other countries' songs to deter… In 2016, Ukraine's Jamala won the contest with the song "1944", whose lyrics referenced the deportation of the Crimean Tatars. Als Ersatzsendung für die Ausgabe 2020 und um die bereits 41 ausgewählten Beiträge zu honorieren, fand am 16. November 2019 gab die EBU bekannt, dass 41 Länder am Eurovision Song Contest 2020 teilnehmen wollten. [43] Rules in recent years have typically seen this date set as the first day of September of the year before the contest is to be held, however this date has changed and in the contest's history this has been as late as a few weeks before the contest is held. [132][133], The current voting system is a modification of that used in the contest since 1975, when the "1–8, 10, 12 points" system was first introduced. The theme of the event was 'Perfect Harmony' and the contest was hosted by Corin Vladvitch and Sasha More. [242] The most recent winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest has typically made a guest appearance in the Grand Final of the contest since 2014 and is interviewed at a press conference held to announce details of the latest edition of the junior contest. [122][123] Performing second in the final is particularly considered as detrimental to a country's chances of winning the contest, as no song performing in this position has ever won the contest in its history. Der gesamte Auswahlprozess wurde durch Thomas Schreiber, Christian Blenker, verantwortlicher ARD-Teamchef für den Eurovision Song Contest und der neuen Head of Delegation, Alexandra Wolfslast, betreut. ", "Things you might not know about the Eurovision Song Contest", "Biggest change to Eurovision Song Contest voting since 1975", "Eurovision Song Contest overhauls voting rules", "Eurovision Song Contest: Frankfurt 1957", "Televoting/jury mix in 2009 Final voting", "Juries also get 50% stake in Semi-Final result", "The 42 spokespersons for the 2016 Grand Final", "Milestone Moments: 1988 – When Celine was crowned Queen", "The 2011 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final! The Eurovision Song Contest is a song contest run by the European Broadcasting Union that started in 1956. [69][70] Physical preparations for the contest typically begin weeks before any of the artists or delegations arrive in the host city, with the host venue being prepared and the stage being built ahead of rehearsals. Eligibility to participate in the contest is therefore not limited to countries in Europe, as several countries geographically outside the boundaries of the continent and those which span more than one continent are included in the Broadcasting Area. [93] Many of these proposals were deemed unworkable and were rejected, with concerns raised that viewers in countries eliminated in the semi-finals would lose interest and not bother to watch the final, and in the case of a contest over multiple locations the added cost of two orchestras, the added risk of technical failure with two sets of production facilities, and the potential that sound quality in each of the locations would not be the same, giving the artists in one location an advantage over the other.